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New teeth today have never been easier. Gentle, affordable top and bottom implant-supported dentures look and feel just like natural teeth. Dr. Bigus and his team have helped countless patients achieve a youthful, brightly renewed smile, offering the latest advancements in dental technology.

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The first step for every dental implant patient is to meet the Doctor. Dr. Bigus and his team provide free-consultations for full-mouth teeth replacement. It's easy to set up an appointment. Use the link below if you want to do that now.


New Teeth Pre-treatment Exam

At this point on our journey to a new healthy smile we would say, congratulations! You have decided to change you life and move forward with the Renew SureSnap state-of-the-art implant treatment.

We will finalize your treatment plan with Dr. Bigus and begin preparations for new teeth in one day treatment.


New Teeth in One-day

On the day of treatment, you will most likely arrive early in the morning to begin your teeth-in-day removable implant snap-in denture procedure.

Patients will receive relaxing sedation. Sedation dentistry allows our sleep dentist specialists to perform their work gently and quickly.

Implant denture in one day

Lynn Wrigley

I highly recommend - A++++++++++

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Jeff Gelman

Made me look like a new person!

Rocky Mountain Smiles 5 star dentist

Glenna Bliss Cook

Genuinely Cares about your wellbeing.

Rocky Mountain Smiles 5 star dentist

The Rocky Mountain Smile SureSNAP Difference

Affordable Implant Fixed-Removable Solution 

ClearChoice Perminant Denture : $$$$$$

The ClearChoice® full-arch implant system is a permanently anchored denture in their surgical process.  Patient will return the office to have the denture removed and cleaned.

Regular Bridge Fixed Denture: $$

The bridge fixed-denture is a removable metal appliance with artificial teeth attached. This device clamps onto your healthy teeth to support the prosthetic teeth.

Renew SureSNAP Fixed-Removable Denture: $$$

The Renew implant fixed denture has the strength for permanent. The stability comes from the modern advancements achieved with the SureSNAP system.  Patient can remove the teeth and clean as needed.

In just 2-minutes you can apply with our easy to use patient acceptance application.