10 Reasons to Buy an Electric Toothbrush

June 4, 2021

10 Reasons to Buy an Electric Toothbrush

There have been arguments for years about whether or not electric toothbrushes are better than manual ones. The truth is, both work great. However, there may be a few added benefits of electric toothbrushes to consider before it’s time to replace your toothbrush again.

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1. Removes More Plaque

Electric toothbrushes, particularly those with oscillating heads, have been proven to remove much more plaque than traditional toothbrushes. This encourages better health for both your teeth and gums.

2. Easier to Use

Manual toothbrushes require you to do the heavy lifting, while powered brushes will facilitate the brushing motions for you. Electric toothbrushes can be better alternatives for anyone with limited mobility or painful conditions like arthritis due to their ease of use.

3. Keeps You From Brushing too Hard

There are several types of electric toothbrushes on the market that come equipped with sensors to keep you from applying too much pressure. Pressure sensors on toothbrushes keep your gums safe from vigorous brushing and may reduce inflammation.

4. 2-Minute Timers

Most electric toothbrushes come with built-in timers that alert you when you’ve brushed for two minutes. Some brands even notify you every 30 seconds so you can change quadrants. Timers inherently promote better oral health care by making sure you brush your teeth for as long as you should.

5. Great for Kids

Kids think electric toothbrushes are fun! That aside, they increase children’s dental hygiene by using proper brushing motions and the timer makes sure they hit that two-minute mark every time. Some electric toothbrushes for kids play songs while they brush, making teeth brushing even more fun for them.

6. Good on Gums

Like we mentioned before, the pressure sensors help protect your gums. Electric toothbrushes can also keep more of your enamel intact. Preventing harm from your gums and enamel can increase your oral health overall.

7. Fights Bad Breath

Bad breath can be caused by poor dental hygiene, and poor brushing habits contribute the most to this. With electric toothbrushes, you have a higher chance of removing plaque and food that’s stuck in tough places, which will reduce the possibility of lingering contaminants giving you bad breath.

8. Simple to Replace

Once the bristles become frayed, or it’s been roughly 3 months since you’ve replaced your toothbrush, instead of throwing out your entire toothbrush, just pop off the head and buy a new one. You can even try out new heads with different designs and bristles to find the one that’s best for you. Several electric toothbrushes will alert you when it’s time to replace the head.

9. Lead to Better Brushing Sessions

Some studies have shown that it’s possible for some people to remain more focused while brushing with an electric toothbrush. This can increase how well your teeth get cleaned. Even if you do get distracted while using an electric toothbrush, at least the powered head will continue brushing, whereas all cleaning stops if you lose focus with a manual toothbrush.

10. Could be Better for Orthodontics

It’s possible that anyone with orthodontic appliances, like braces, may find electric toothbrushes easier to use and result in better cleanings, which will improve oral health in the long run. We all know how important it is to properly clean your teeth with braces! An electric toothbrush could be just the thing that saves your teeth.

Decide the best toothbrush for you with your dentist at Rocky Mountain Smiles

With different features and advanced technology that electric toothbrushes have to offer, it seems like the obvious choice for oral health care. Sometimes, though, the original is the best way to go. Discuss your brushing habits and dental needs with your dentist to decide whether electric or manual toothbrushes are right for you.

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