Preventative Dentistry

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Going To The Dentist Twice A Year Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Some people absolutely hate going to the dentist but you don’t have to! Rocky Mountain Smiles is dedicated to providing you the best quality care and experience during your semi–annual checkups. Call us today to schedule an appointment and find a dentist you’ll love to visit.


What does preventative dentistry usually include?

Biannual x-rays

Professional cleaning

Have a strong and healthy jaw boneChecks for cavities

Checks for movement, decay, infection, or impacted teeth

Consultation with the dentist

Teeth polish

Fluoride treatments

Your teeth fight a daily battle on the microscopic level and they need your help!

Take a moment and think of all the things your teeth have come into contact with today since this morning.

From the perspective of your teeth: their day started after sitting in all the bacteria and saliva that pooled in your mouth and along your tongue while you were sleeping. Then they got a nice minty scrub with a coarse brush followed by citrusy, acidic orange juice and maybe one (or two) sugary donuts. Now think about what you ate throughout the day from your morning donut all the way until your super sneaky midnight popcorn snack. Admit it, by the time you’re ready for bed, your teeth have already been fighting a battle against food and other bacteria all day long with no help from you except that you keep introducing new enemies.

They’ve been under siege, protecting you from a microscopic war, and you just remembered you forgot to brush your teeth last night.

Sounds gross, right? We agree! At Rocky Mountain Smiles we can’t express enough the importance of preventative dentistry and every day dental care. With the constant attack that your teeth face every day, it is critical to help them as much as possible keep your mouth clean and healthy.

It’s best to see the dentist every six months. Why? Because we love to see your smiling face as often as possible, of course!

Your teeth’s home is a hostile environment, it’s best to do everything you can to make your mouth a tactically clever battlefield. Regular checkups allow the dentist to check for signs of cavities, abnormal growth, or periodontal diseases (gum problems). We also like to give your teeth a deep clean and take off that layer of gunk that your toothbrush just can’t quite reach. Professionally scraping your teeth clean and giving them a fresh start for the next six months is a great way to keep them healthy. Then they’re fully rested and ready to defend against that delicious chocolate shake you’re gonna treat yourself to, you know, for doing such a great job at the dentist’s office.

Additionally, seeing your dentist regularly means you can be sure your teeth are developing normally. Proper routine checkups let the dentist look for signs of painful situations like impacted teeth or abscessed gums. These problems can become uncomfortable and painful fast but are often easily avoided if a professional knows what they’re looking for. Find peace of mind in knowing that your teeth are healthy and doing their job happily so you can continue eating all your favorite snacks whenever you want.

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