The Benefits Of Small Dental Offices

September 28, 2018

Small Vs Big Dentistry

Large or small, everyone needs a dentist. Large dental practices are great at pushing through tons of patients, but do they provide the personal care you’re hoping for? While there are some advantages to “big dentistry”, smaller offices present some intriguing benefits that should be considered. So, when it comes to small dentistry, what are you getting?

Am I A Patient Or A Customer?

It is true. Large dental practices can offer quality care to their patients at competitive prices, but what’s incentivizing them to do so? While it’s somewhat dependent on the practice, the opportunity cost almost always is way too high for them to squabble over a patient lost here or there. The unfortunate truth of big dentistry is its scale shifts the practice away from being a practice, and more into a being a business. One of the primary advantages to choosing a smaller practice is that you’re less a customer…and more a patient.

Small Moments Matter

Bottom line, smaller dental offices have the time to treat you as an individual. This means more time to talk to the dentist about issues, concerns, questions…whatever. We firmly believe that spending a little extra time to truly and deeply answer the questions that you have about your teeth means the world to a patient. Or even just asking about your day. These moments matter. Larger dental practices run on tighter schedules and don’t have the time to provide this kind of personal care.

Building Longstanding Relationships

A sense of trust turns a dental office from a cold, calculated environment into a place that literally makes you smile. And it can’t be built overnight. One of the benefits of small dentistry is that relationships are given the time and effort to grow into something that’s beyond patient care. When you get the sense that your dentist really knows you, it can change the entire dental experience.

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

We get it, most people don’t really want to visit the dentist. A dental visit means carving time out your busy schedule, an occasional cavity, etc. No one could be more sympathetic to this point than us, but the fact is dental appointments must happen. The best part about small dentistry is that personal care transforms these experiences into something much more enjoyable. Ultimately the decision is left to the patient, but at least with small dentistry you’re more than just…a mouth.

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