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Rocky Mountain Smiles accepts major insurance carriers Delta Dental, Aetna, & Cigna.  We are in-network with with these providers. Dental implants are frequently classified as cosmetic dentistry, leading many insurance plans to exclude them. Find out more about dental insurance policies that cover implants.

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Planning & Paying for Dental Implats

Does Insurance Cover Implants?

Yes, your dental insurance may cover your implants either partially or fully, based on your provider and chosen plan. Moreover, for any uncovered treatment costs, we can help you secure reliable third-party financing to ensure you receive the necessary care with a convenient monthly payment.

When Does Insurance Cover Implants?

Insurance coverage is more likely if your current natural teeth are causing medical issues or if you have experienced trauma or an accident leading to missing teeth, while it is less likely for tooth decay or cosmetic reasons.

Either way, we will help you submit the claim to ensure you receive the maximum coverage benefit.

Can we minimize out-of-pocket cost?

When planning for dental care and dental implants, consider the dental insurance plans and employee benefits available to you. If your employer offers a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), enroll and select contributions that align with your medical budget and needs. Additionally, choose insurance plans with strong coverage and low deductibles if you anticipate needing extensive dental care or implants, and time your care plan to ensure your deductible is met before proceeding with dental implants.

Insurance Coverage for teeth

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The Rocky Mountain Smile SureSNAP Difference

Affordable Implant Fixed-Removable Solution 

ClearChoice Perminant Denture : $$$$$$

The ClearChoice® full-arch implant system (All-On-Four) is a permanently anchored denture in their surgical process.  Patient will return the office to have the denture removed and cleaned.

Regular Bridge Fixed Denture: $$

The bridge fixed-denture is a removable metal appliance with fake teeth attached.  This device clamps down on you health teeth to support the fake prosthetic teeth.

Renew SureSNAP Fixed-Removable Denture: $$$

The Renew implant fixed denture has the strength for permanent. The stability comes from the modern advancements achieved with the SureSNAP system.  Patient can remove the teeth and clean as needed.

In just 2-minutes you can apply with our easy to use patient acceptance application.